New Super Mario Bros. 2 Classic DLC

As a thanks for reaching 300 billion coins worldwide, there will be a free level pack DLC set. All of the levels are retro inspired remakes of the original Super Mario Bros. 1-1, 1-2, and 1-4, Super Mario Bros. 3’s 1-1 and 1-5, and Mario Bros. Round 1.

The Golden Classic Pack will be free from November 27th through January 31st, and will then have the price jacked up to 200 yen after that.

No word quite yet on America, and Europe, we’ll get it, just don’t know when yet.

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This was a very entertaining, and good showing off of ZombiU. If you’re unsure about picking this up at launch this Quick Look from the guys at GB really lets you know what you’ll be getting. I think it looks great, but for anyone not into real survival horror with some rogue-like elements, you should definitely watch this first.

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New Super Mario Bros. U Reviews

The embargoes have lifted and the reviews for Nintendo’s biggest franchise are flooding in.

IGN gave it a system selling 9.1 declaring the challenge mode a key moment in the life of the New series, saving it for the hardcore players.

Gamexplain praises the latest edition of the New series saying “Lifelessness has never looked better than in New Super Mario Bros. U”, and giving the verdict of a 4 out of 5 stars for the single player, and the multiplayer.

Jason Schreier of Kotaku declares that YES you should play this game, calling it gorgeous and fun to play.

Gonintendo guy says his only complaint is the tired New series’ soundtrack Waah! Waah!

Phil Kollar of Polygon states that while the rest of the New games were just exploiting nostalgia, this one actually builds on the old games, and is where the Mario series would have gone had 3D never come along, which is about as high as praise gets from this Mario fans perspective, he then scores it an 8.5.

Jose Otero doesn’t go into much detail about why he likes it in his super short review, but he gives it a B+ on 1up’s silly scale.

Jim Sterling at Destructoid throws another 8.5 out of 10 Mario’s way saying it kicks the Wii U launch off with a bang.

Joystiq says NSMB U returns the sense of wonder to the 2D series, bringing back what was so good about those classic games in the first place, giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Eurogamer, one word, Soul. 9.0

Interestingly Game Informer has decided to hold off their review until the full online features of the Wii U are available on their early Wii U systems, which is admirable, as I do think the Miiverse commentary from friends would add more than a few fractions of a point to my general enjoyment of pretty much any game. Sticky White Stuff.

Overall everybody seems to love the Super Mario World style map/secrets, the much prettier version of this line of Mario games visuals, and thinks this is more of a real follow up to the classic 2D Mario games than just a by the numbers nostalgia play that the other NSMB games have been accused of being. Good thing since anyone buying a Wii U this Sunday was buying this with it anyway. Can’t wait!

Spin the Bottle Wii U

This is a very straightforward, and clear trailer, which requires no further explanation. Enjoy and look forward to downloading Spin the Bottle from the Wii U eShop in the very near future.

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Animal Crossing New Leaf Sells Out

Animal Crossing has been a breakout series for Nintendo since its first version on the Gamecube, seeing its biggest success on the DS, at least perhaps until now. Animal Crossing New Leaf on the 3DS, having only been out in Japan for a matter of days now, has already sold 600,000 retail copies in stores, selling out completely, including selling out of download cards in many stores, leading to Iwata hijacking the Animal Crossing Twitter account to apologize, and promise to replenish stock as soon as possible. Most interestingly the game has also already sold another 200,000 digital download copies directly from the 3DS eShop, and insane number for such a short period of time, and for a full priced game, but what game could possibly be more appropriate to have on your system at all times, without the need to keep track of a cart?

This, along with the Fire Emblem DLC success, bodes extremely well for Nintendo’s digital download future. Hopefully they continue to be smart about digital downloads, despite these buckets of money being poured on them, and maintain policies like promising that all DLC for Animal Crossing will remain free, and keeping more complete, and/or fan servicey DLC to more mission based/niche games like Fire Emblem.

I don’t think this stuff was supposed to be put up just yet, but for those just dying to know what they’ll be listening to while setting up parental controls, or redesigning their Mii, here is every piece of Wii U menu music that you could possibly ask for.

Wii U Home Menu Music

New Account Music

Loading Music

Boot Music

Account Select

Mii Maker Part 1

Mii Maker Part 2

Settings Menu

Wii U Activity Log

Parental Controls


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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition has been reliably providing awesomely entertaining trailers, and the latest is no exception. This trailer shows off the modes, costumes, customization, and general awesomeness of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition

Nintendo Network ID Accounts

First off no Friend Codes! With the new Nintendo Network ID you will be able to meet, follow, and friend strangers, they will of course have to accept your friend requests. Even in Nintendo Land friends and potential new friends will be wandering around the hub world with text/drawing bubbles above their head. Overprotective Nintendo has finally opened themselves up to the risks, and joys of creepy random people on the internet.

Nintendo Network Friend List

Your Nintendo Network ID will be like any normal account system username, password, and all.

You will be able to have up to 12 accounts per Wii U system.

Games purchased on a Wii U will be able to be played by other accounts on that system.

Account will be able to be linked to other social network services, and you will be able to access your account from other devices with access to the internet.

Game settings, saves, recommendations, bookmarks, and your play log will be tied to your Nintendo Network ID.