Well hell, it turns out the *DS family will continue to be the home of choice for Dragon Quest from here on out. The signs were all there with Dragon Quest spin-off titles like Terry’s Monster Land already announced, and after the massive sales of Dragon Quest IX on the DS it would be video game malpractice not to, but this sure is being dumped on us suddenly. The Dragon Quest 7 remake was not only announced as in development, but it will be hitting store shelves in Japan this February.

Dragon Quest 7 3DS

It looks like it will also be a fully 3D remake this time around. Hopefully the inevitable Dragon Quest 11 for 3DS won’t suffer from slowdown when you have a full party on the world screen.

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2 Responses to Dragon Quest 7 Remake Announced for 3DS

  1. X-Fan says:

    Good the first step in the 3DS becoming the next DS is awesome Square Enix remakes. Now just give us Final Fantasy VI!

  2. FaerieSuperstar says:

    I’m gonna need that XL soon!

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