How to slow down the effects of skin aging?


Over time, the body undergoes more and more different forms of aggression. Some of these forms of aggression are responsible for aging. But the goal here is not to push back time, but to feel good about yourself. offers you some good tips to adopt the right reflexes daily and gently.

Fighting aging, a daily struggle

Modern medicine makes it possible to address and understand the causes of aging and find remedies to counteract the effects of time. One of the explanations of aging: free radicals that hinder the proper development of our cells.

Botox, cosmetic surgery, anti-aging capsules are all solutions that we want to sell today to combat aging. Yes, but at what cost? Sometimes we tend to forget, but the recipe for youth can sometimes be found in our daily habits. A good diet and a healthy lifestyle can help you preserve your cells and therefore your youth capital.

Hydrate and nourish your skin: anti-aging recipes

Hydrate your skin. All means are good. Drink water regularly and apply moisturizers in the morning and evening. The approach is preventive, so you can get started with it as a teenager.

Nourish your skin. With the help of fortified creams but also with a balanced diet. Antioxidants are the essential anti-aging tool by blocking free radicals, the molecules responsible for aging. Present in vitamin C (citrus fruits and vegetables), vitamin E (wheat germ, hazelnuts, almonds or vegetable oils) but also carotene (carrot, apricot, peach, sweet potato, pumpkin), make antioxidants your friend every day. Little advice: avoid a diet with too much fat or sugar which accelerates the aging of your skin.

Actions that save

Protect yourself from UV rays. We are all born with a solar capital. To keep it is to keep its skin. Do not expose yourself to the sun unnecessarily and otherwise protect your face with an anti UVA and anti UVB cream.

Cigarettes are not your friend. Tobacco robs your body of some of the oxygen provided by impeding blood circulation.

Practice regularly. Aging isn’t just about the skin on your face, it’s also about your muscle tone. By exercising regularly you avoid muscle relaxation and you stay in shape every day.

When to start? The sooner the better if you want relevant results. But remember, it’s never too late to make resolutions. So save your skin with!


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