Periodic health examination: explanation


The periodic examination or health check is a medical appointment that is offered by the Social Security to all its insured persons. It is an opportunity for exchanges and personalized examinations (according to age, gender, lifestyle, background, risk factors, etc.) to assess the general state of health, detect certain pathologies and promote prevention.

Your additional health insurance comparator explains how to access the periodic health survey and what it consists of.

A free health check offered to all insured persons

Article 1 of the Decree of 20 July 1992 on periodic health examinations provides that these medical examinations “are offered to all insured persons and their family members“It is therefore a battery of free examinations for insured persons, but also for their family members aged 16 and older, who are affiliated with the basic insurance.

This assessment is usually offered every five years, but it is offered in priority to people who are unemployed, on personal insurance, retired or even exposed to risks that threaten their health. The periodic examination takes place in health centers that are directly managed by the health insurers or are contracted.

A full check-up in a few hours

The health check takes about 2h30 in which the following steps take place:

  • a medical questionnaire (family, medical, surgical history, etc.) and a lifestyle interview,
  • take measurements (weight, height, blood pressure, etc.),
  • a classic medical examination (same as for a general practitioner†
  • a blood test and a urinalysis to detect possible pathologies (diabetes hypercholesterolemia, liver disorders, etc.),
  • a dental examination (unless the insured has consulted a dentist in the past six months),
  • depending on the case, eye, hearing and breath tests, or even an electrocardiogram,
  • prescribing any additional examinations.

At the request of the patient, the doctor be able to receive the report of the periodic health examination and the conclusions of the examinations carried out, also sent to the insured by post.


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