The negative effects of a garish education


Yelling by parents can have negative consequences for the child and not only in the short term.

can even be considered Ordinary, that, possibly, children can be encouraged to shout, either as a warning of danger, or to clearly indicate a limit not to be crossed. However, an education based on constant shouting, violence and verbal aggression will never be justified, and children will have serious consequences for such a form. education.

Most people, through their culture, upbringing, or direct environment, have seen raising children as a scenario in which to incur shouting and full of threats. However, this is a big mistake. Experts point out that while violence (including kicking the butt) has become taboo in many societies, shouting is still “normal” in the context of education.

“Los padres creen que esto hará que sus hijos los escuchen, cuando en realidad sucede todo lo contrario”.

Yelling at your kids won’t make them any less mean

It will actually make things worse. This is supported, among other things, by a study of Universities of Pittsburgh and Michiganthat “children whose parents use yelling and harsh verbal reprimands tend to increase their behavioral problems, while children later show symptoms of depression”.

This research also agrees with many psychologists who believe that children who are verbally abused by their parents are very likely to develop these types of psychological problems in adolescence, as well as behavioral problems, such as indifference to school, the use of lies, theft, outbursts of anger, fights with other children, etc.

Yelling is a form of violence

In particular, parents who yell at their children cause problems similar to those of violence, increasing the chances of depression and aggressive behavior. And the bottom line: even a good and warm relationship between parents and children does not protect them from the effects of being yelled at and labeled as “lazy”, “stupid”, etc.

As Ming-Te Wang, assistant professor of education and psychology at the University University of Pittsburgh, points out: “Shouting cannot reduce or correct behavior problems. Instead, they make it worse.”

Parents who want to change their children’s behavior should try to communicate with them on an equal footing, explaining their reasoning and concerns.


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